Jewellery Care

Gigi for Beauty Lovers® jewellery are mainly made by hand processes using quality raw materials that are subject to a thorough quality control.

Silver spots are a natural process in silver as a result of oxidation. You may even find that in summer your jewellery is stained faster due to perspiration and contact with seawater.

Therefore, in order to increase the longevity of your jewelry, we advise that:

Respect the delicacy of your pieces.

To preserve your original brightness, please note the following:

• Avoid contact with abrasive products or situations, such as cosmetics, detergents or perfumes.

• Avoid other situations of excessive wear that happen especially in the case of rings.

• Pack parts carefully to avoid friction. Pay special attention to the wires so as not to get tangled.

• Do not play sports with the parts. Perspiration, salt water and chlorine do not contribute to the durability of jewellery items.

• Clean silver parts occasionally and gently using a toothbrush with toothpaste and water.

As an alternative to the advice described above, you can also send us the parts for professional cleaning (within 2 years, this cleaning has no associated cost). However, shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

After 2 years warranty, the cleaning service is charged and the value varies depending on the type of jewellery: please ask us for a quote or contact us for any questions through: info@gigiforbeautylovers.com.