Certified Jewellery


In order to certify our authenticity, we use the coined brand logo on all items. This is how you make sure you are purchasing a properly certified Gigi For Beauty Lovers® jewellery.

Gigi For Beauty Lovers® jewellery are made to meet all quality criteria, carefully handcrafted and contrasted at INCM Mint as required by law, if aplicable.

As raw material, 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver and 24 carat gold plating is always used. For gold plated rings, a more wear-resistant 24 carat gold plating process is used.

The application of INCM Mint contrast marks is only mandatory on pieces weighing more than 2 grams. If they weigh more than 2 g, in addition to the manufacturer's mark, they will also have the INCM Mint contrast mark.

INCM Mint provides this guarantee by verifying the legal touch (precious metal permeation contained in an alloy) and by applying the contrast to the manufacturer's mark or equivalent. You can check here the Table of Legal Marks of INCM Portuguese Mints. This control is performed by the Lisbon and Oporto Assay Offices, which are official independent services integrated in INCM, the Portuguese Mint and Print.

All these processes are duly certified by the INCM Mint. You can access here information on the daily quotation of gold and silver provided by Banco de Portugal.

In case of doubt about the authenticity of the mark, it may use the services of the INCM Portuguese Mint for verification purposes to ensure you are purchasing a certified item that meets all quality criteria.

You can check here the list of reviewers registered for consultation, managed and organized by INCM.

Gigi For Beauty Lovers® works with certified local partners, thus offering an excellent level of service and quality.



TRADEMARK - GIGI For Beauty Lovers®

NIPC: 516738526

CAE: 32 122

CAE: 47 770